Equal Earth

Maps at your fingertips

Get refined maps fit for your notes, infographics, or presentation slides today. It’s simply a few taps away on your keyboard.

Now available for MacOS.

What & How

Visual Fonts are fonts with images embedded. This tool is as easy to use as your everyday emojis 🥳. No prior knowledge is required.

Our first set of fonts is a global map collection called Equal Earth. Just type the name or code of a country. The text will turn into the map you want in no time — even when offline.

Features & Benefits

Versatile and Editable to your needs

Feel free to remix the lines and shapes in Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator. Our map vectors are movable and expandable without compromising the resolution.

What’s more, our outline variant* makes it easy to adapt for motion graphics in After Effects. You can even use them to drive CNC routers or Silhouette cutters.

*Available in Work edition only.

Keep your information real

Accuracy is key when it comes to annotation and infographics. Start yours with our precise and reliable maps. 

Our maps are able to show you the size and proportion of areas as they are in reality, along with a sensible selection of physical and cultural features. The magic behind this is the use of the modern Equal Earth projection, with data from the Natural Earth 5 dataset.

Left: Equal Earth projection. Right: Web Mercator (not equal area). Greenland and Africa are highlighted for comparison: in reality, Greenland is some 1/10 the size of Africa.

1,000+ Maps with Various Variants

The world is your oyster when you have broad coverage of maps ready to use. Our collection of labeled maps is comprehensive and provides you multiple variants.

Play edition includes:

  • 200+ countries, and
  • 200+ seas & oceans

Work edition additionally includes

  • 1,000+ states, provinces, and sovereignty, and
  • 500+ fresh-water features including major rivers, lakes, and playas

Stay hassle-free about names

Can’t spell Mozambique? Try MOZ or MZ. Our fonts understand country codes too.

Our fonts speak 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, Kiswahili, Chinese (Traditional), and Japanese.

Labelled maps are available in English and Chinese (Traditional) editions.

What’s included

The Font

Available in .otf format. On Macs, it’s a simple two-click install.

Starter Samples

Sample Keynote presentation, Pages document, and Numbers spreadsheets showing its use.

Offline Manual

A user manual that lists out the terms recognized by our fonts. It’s accessible offline, so you can seek help whenever you need it.

Get the fonts you need today

What our users say

Technical Specifications

What is the Equal Earth projection and why it is better

How to make SVG fonts and what’s the limitations?

Guide to country codes and abbreviations

Visual Fonts System Compatibility

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