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Study the Gospel of Matthew in Cantonese. This collection includes

  1. slide deck with Cantonese audio and bilingual text.
  2. parallel Chinese-English PDFs
  3. chapter-by-chapter audio files

Texts in Traditional Chinese are annotated with jyutping+ romanization that corresponds 1:1 with the recorded audio.

為以廣東話為主導而構造的馬太福音 並排版本。 一套下載項目包含書面印刷、廣東話語音、以及幻燈片格式。 繁體中文 既 粵拼+ 和合本 / 英文 KJV.


If you tried to learn or teach the Gospels in Cantonese, you or your learners would have encountered the difficulty of bridging what they already know (English) with the two new aspects they have to learn: the ideographs, and the sounds. The value of this collection is bringing together the Cantonese audio, ideograph, romanizations, and English, in a variety of formats that is useful at different stages of learning.

The Chinese text uses the Union 和合本 translation, and the English text uses the King James Version.

Two versions of the parallel Chinese-English PDF are provided: one for the 神 edition, the other for the 上帝 edition. These are parallel editions intended for study, with separate line numbers provided for the English and Chinese versions.

The slide deck / audio was prepared for the 神 edition, with one verse of En/Zh-T/jp/audio in each slide (total 1100 slides). Slide decks are provided as Keynote (macOS) and Powerpoint formats. The text-graphics is provided as the original vectors in the Keynote version (thus 2.5 Gb in size); the powerpoint uses raster and is smaller in size (about 500 Mb).

A demo version with the chapters 5, 14, and 26 is available.

Curious how how this is made? See the following articles:


對於並非以粵語作母語的人,使用廣東話進行福音的教與學並不容易。 中文字以及其發音並沒有關聯,所以就算有中英並排版,使用時亦有一定困難。我們創造這一套 馬太福音, 為每一個繁體字,添上了 彩色粵語拼音、並使用聲調符號以及聲調數字的位置表示 聲調高低。由中英並排文字版,到語音檔案度每一章節的幻燈片, 在學習各個階段 都希望可以有適合嘅教材。

繁體中文使用 和合本,而英文則是 King James Version.

中英定排版提供了兩個 PDF 版本。第一個為上帝版,第二個為神版。 這些並排版罪中文、英文各自有行數表示,方便學習時使用。

幻燈片以及錄音是用神版文字,每一章節 為一個幻燈片,總共1100張。 幻燈片提供兩個格式, 蘋果電腦 Keynote (macOS) 以及視窗 Powerpoint. 在 Keynote 版本 中是 原本矢量圖案,可以無限放大,但比較需要容量 (2.5 Gb); Powerpoint 版本使用一般點陣圖型,相對較細 (500 Mb).

我們有提供示範版本,內有第 5, 14, 以及 26 章.

Canto-101 Animals


eBook and printable flashcards of 101 animals. Playful and lavish illustrations, with Cantonese and English audio. Text in English, Traditional Chinese annotated with jyutping romanization.


This is a digital download of a .ePub and PDF file. The ePub can be used with any eBook readers (e.g., Books on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.)

For flashcards, after printing, cut along the dash line, and fold at the gray line. Laminate as you wish.

There are 101 animals included (it’s Canto-101 Animals, and Canto 101-animals…), drawn as infinite-resolution vector graphics.

A demo version with the first ten animals is available. As a digital download, I am unable to offer refunds once you have made a purchase.

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